2014 River Creek Home Sales

Summaries of all River Creek Home Sales for 2014, including details of each individual home’s sale, are provided in the two charts below. Despite a slow start due to inclement weather during the first quarter, there were a total of 67 homes sold during 2014, compared to 70 homes sold in 2013. There were also 44 homes rented in 2014 compared to 37 in 2013. The average home list price was 8.5% higher in 2014, which resulted in a higher average sales price compared to 2013. The higher prices also meant homes took a bit longer to sell in 2014 vs. 2013, on average 63 days compared to 37 days the prior year. More than 40% of homes closed in the second quarter of the year (i.e. April – June), which is typical for this community.

2014  Summary Chart

Detailed 2014 River Creek Home Sales History