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Loudoun County Real Estate & Quality of Life
(Updated Oct 12, 2015)
Bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains and Potomac River in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County is located just 25 miles west of Washington, D.C., the fourth largest metro area in the United States. It borders both West Virginia and Maryland.As one of the fastest growing jurisdictions in the region and the country, Loudoun is home to over 363,000 people. Most recently the county has been acknowledged for the wealthiest in the nation with a median household income of $122,238 and is ranked #3 nationally for the high quality of its public school system.
Fast Facts

Founded: 1775
Area: 521 Sq Miles
Population: 363,050 (2014 Estimate)
Median Household Income: $122,238 (2013) Highest in the Nation
Education Levels:
93.8% High School Graduates
 57% Bachelors Degree or Higher
Home Ownership: 77.7%
Largest Private Sector Employer: Verizon Business
Largest Public Sector Employer: Loudoun Public Schools
The area also offers numerous opportunities for higher and continuing education degrees and is home to regional university branches of George Washington University, James Madison University, and George Mason University.  Two dozen of the nation’s largest defense contractors have operations in Loudoun County and the county’s Federal government contracting business has grown 116% in the last decade. Verizon is the county’s largest private sector employer.
You’ll hear many languages spoken by the county’s residents due to the rich cultural diversity of the area.  People move here to enjoy one of the nation’s most prosperous economies, a rich heritage, and quality-of-life amenities found in few other places. The home of Washington Dulles International Airport, America Online, Ratheon Technical Services, Verizon,  Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Time Warner Cable,and many branch offices of silicon valley high-tech companies like Google and Oracle, Loudoun has established a reputation as an international center for technology, the life sciences, telecommunications and Internet entrepreneurship, and transportation.
Loudoun County is not only a dynamic county with an outstanding quality of life, but offers a number of historic tourist and leisure attractions. Residents and visitors have quick access to Washington, D.C., the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Potomac River, the Shenandoah Valley, Middleburg horse country events, Virginia wine country vineyard tours,  ski resorts and numerous recreational activities. Links to some of the most popular areas are provided here for your convenience.

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