Spring Cleaning? These Little Known Tips Will Save You Time and Money!

Thinking about Spring Cleaning? Here are some little known tips that will both surprise you and make your efforts more efficient. These top five tips head a list of 37 tips in the attached article.


  1. Got a dirty microwave? Cut a lemon in half and drop it in a bowl of water. Microwave it til the water starts to boil, let the lemon water steam for a minute, then wipe away the mess with ease
  2. A clever re-use for dryer sheets: you can use a dryer sheet to clean almost anything. Dust your TV, laptop screen, baseboards and then see how the anti-static chemicals actually continue to repel dust
  3. Ceiling fan dust: Put away your mask and feather duster, just grab an old pillow case. Pull it all the way over the fan blade, then slowly wipe backward. The case will trap all the dust inside!
  4. Save the money you spend on Drano: pour 4 Alka Seltzer tablets then a cup of distilled vinegar down your clogged drains. Wait ten minutes before rinsing with boiled water.
  5. Grease stains: Whether they’re on your furniture or your clothes, did you know covering grease stains with white chalk makes it easy to get out? Let the chalk sit a minute before wiping away the stain with a damp cloth.