Guidelines for Renters

Guidelines for Renters in River Creek

The River Creek Owners Association welcomes you to River Creek!


Provided below is some basic information for your easy reference as you settle in to your new home.  We hope that, like so many residents in the past, your stay here will result in a decision to purchase a place of your own in this premiere community.

Several documents govern River Creek, the most informative of which include the Rules and Regulations and the Design Guidelines.  If not provided by your landlord, these are available at the HOA office or on the community website (  Review them carefully and, as responsible residents, please respect and abide by them.  All rules and regulations apply equally to renters and owners alike: i.e. no speeding, no overnight street parking, dog leashing and waste control, garbage can on-the-street limits, etc.  Unless otherwise stated or negotiated in your lease agreement, the following general guidelines apply to all residents in River Creek.

1.  Property Maintenance:  All landscaping and home exteriors must be maintained to the standards laid out in the above-referenced documents. HOA management is mandated to strictly enforce these standards and thereby ensure that our community retains the beauty and desirability for which it is known.  All violations will be reported to the property owner and, unless corrected within the designated timeframe, accelerated action will be taken.

2. Exterior Modifications:  Only a property owner is permitted to alter the exterior of a home and its landscaping. Therefore, before any modifications are implemented, they must first be discussed with your landlord, who has sole authority to submit an application to the Covenants Committee for its review. This committee meets monthly from November-March and twice monthly from April-October.

3.  HOA Fees:  Unless otherwise specified in your lease agreement, your landlord, as the property owner, pays a monthly fee to the HOA (currently$177.00). This fee incorporates a number of valuable services, including round-the-clock gate staffing, trash collection, and snow removal. Complete services are itemized in the community’s annual budget, available at the HOA office. Payments should be sent to:

River Creek Owners Association
PO Box 94707
Las Vegas NV 89193-4707

4.  Gate Access/Transponders:  Upon receiving the keys to your rental, you are entitled to receive up to two car transponders (for gate access) from your landlord.  Please stop by the HOA office and register the transponders in your name. When your lease expires, these must be returned to your landlord, or replaced at your cost, unless otherwise agreed upon.

5.  Communications:  Residents are encouraged to register on River Creek’s Community website (  The site provides access to all documents pertaining to living in River Creek, as well as the community address book, electronic guest registration at the gates, and much more. Perhaps most importantly, registering your email address on this site will ensure receipt of timely, informative emails from the Management Office. Contact the HOA office for your user id and password.

6.  Community Programs:  All residents are encouraged to participate in the varied programs and events taking place in River Creek, including community clubs, athletics, family days, and social events.  Our award-winning magazine, Reflections, is published quarterly and contains a wealth of information, as well as opportunities to get involved in all the community has to offer.


Again, welcome to River Creek!